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Shopping cart opens Monday June 12th.

Early Bird Special opens Monday June 12th and closes on Thursday June 22nd at the latest.

There are only 20 Early Bird spots available. If they sell out before Thursday June 22nd then the price is bumped up to full tuition.

Shopping cart closes Thursday June 29th.


Before the shopping cart opens have them go to www.LeagueOfListBuilders.com to get onto the VIP Wait List. 

When the shopping cart is open have them go to www.LeagueOfListBuilders.com to have them purchase the course. 

While the shopping cart is open have them come on over to My Creative Circle Facebook group to watch my Facebook Lives promoting LOLB at www.facebook.com/groups/jonathanscreativecircle



Your friends only need to enter the code, not your name so for example if I'm using Shelley Avelino's Referral Code I only need to type in: 


Below is the most up to date list of Referral Codes

Adrienne Grechman: ADG0050

Beth Stewart: BES0002

Cassie Baker: CAB0038

Christi Bowen: CHB0003

Christopher Ziggy Kaufman: CHK0046

Cynthia Small: CYS0004

Dani States: DAS0005

Derek Slawson: DES0010

Diana Birdsall: DIB0006

Doreen Janis: DOJ0007

Dory Hayman: DOH0043

Elizabeth Harris: ELH0048

Jackie Bales: JAB0049

James Alburger: JAM0008

Jannie Meisberger: JAM0045

Jodi Krangle: JOK0033

J Rodney Turner: JRT0018

Karen Richter: KAR0014

Katie Holt: KAH0012

Kevin Johns: KEJ0034

Kevin Scheuller: KES0011

Kim Handysides: KIH0036

Laci Morgan: LAM0013

Laura Branch: LAB0009

Laurel Thomas: LAT0023

Lynn Norris: LYN0029

Melanie Murphy: MEM0015

Melvin Vermeer: MEV0022

Meral Mathews: MEM0024

Mike Cooper: MIC0016

Mike McGonegal: MIM0017

Natasha Marchewka: NAM0030

Nikki Lu Lowe: NIL0035

Pam Rossi: PAR0027

Petra Vermeulen: PEV0040

Rachael Naylor: RAN0025

Reen Vogel: REV0031

Rhonda Philips: RHP0044

Robin Castellanos: ROC0041

Shelley Avelino: SHA0001

Shelley Stephen: SHS0019

Susan Bernard: SUB0047

Sybil Johnson: SYJ0037

Tamara Lilly: TAL0028

Tina Leaman: TIL0020

Tish Hicks: TIH0032

Traci Wilde: TRW0021

Victor Clarke: VIC0042

Yvonne Schwimmer: YVS0026




Q: How do I know if my friend used my Referral Code? Will I get notified?
A: My team and I go through each LOLB purchase every morning Monday-Friday. We tally everything up, triple check things, and put all the info into the backend. If your friend uses your Referral Code my team and I will notify you via email. Please keep in mind there's a lot on our end to organise and it can take up to 1-2 business days for us to notify you. We appreciate your patience.

Q: My friend is on the fence and would like to email Jonathan directly. Is that ok?
A: Yes. But because of time please make sure your friend preps their email in a concise way. What is the exact problem they are having? The more specific your friend's email is the more easily I can help them. 2 sentence emails that basically say "Tell me more about LOLB." without them having looked at the sales page on www.leagueoflistbuilders.com or done any research will not be taken seriously. I want to help your friend with their creative freelance career. I want you to get your 50% commission. But your friend has to meet me half way otherwise it's a time suck. 

Q: Can I be an Affiliate even if I may not take the course this time around. 
A: Yes. Not a problem. 

Q: My friend signed up for LOLB but forgot to enter my Referral Code. Can my friend or I email you saying that there was a mistake and enter my Referral Code to their profile at a later date? 
A: No. That's a huge hassle for me and my team. And that's YOUR job to make sure YOUR friend enters YOUR Referral Code. If you want your 50% commission YOU have to make it work. Take responsibility and make sure your friend uses your Referral Code. 

Q: Does my friend get a discount for using my Referral Code? 
A: NO. The ONLY discount that I offer for LOLB is the Early Bird Special. When your friend uses your Referral Code it is a notification for my team and I for YOU to get YOUR 50% commission. It is NOT a notification to give your friend a discount. As mentioned above THE ONLY DISCOUNT I GIVE IS THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. Please be EXTREMELY CLEAR to your friends when explaining what your Referral Code IS and ISN'T. 


Just email me at support@jonathantilley.com and I'll be in touch as soon as possible. 
Thanks again for being an awesome affiliate!

In gratitude,