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1. Access the LOLB VIP Wait List videos from anywhere in the world by clicking this link: www.leagueoflistbuilders.com/vip-menu Please note, the videos will premiere on the dates below. NOT SOONER.

2. Add these dates to your calendar. 
Monday, March 11th - Video 1 will be sent to you
Tuesday, March 12th - Video 2 will be sent to you
Wednesday, March 13th - Video 3 will be sent to you
Thursday, March 14th - Video 4 will be sent to you
Friday, March 15th - Video 5 will be sent to you

3. Be proactive when the VIP Wait List videos premiere on the dates above. If you aren’t getting an email for the VIP Wait List videos please use the link above.

4. Add support@jonathantilley.com to your contacts and use it only when you are having technical difficulties accessing the VIP wait List videos.

5. When the 5 free VIP Wait List videos premiere, that is also when you have access to the Early Bird Special 1 week before everyone else. That’s the benefit of being a VIP 😉

6. Between now and when the 5 free VIP Wait List videos premiere, I’ll send you some interviews from past LOLB students sharing their success stories. Sit back and enjoy their journey as they talk about the course.

Oh and one more thing. I share a lot of marketing strategies in my Creative Circle Facebook group.
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Shopping cart opens MONDAY MONDAY, MARCH 18th, 2019

Course runs APRIL 1st - MAY 12th, 2019

Course won't be offered again until SUMMER 2020