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Course runs April 1st - May 12th, 2019

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+ Yeah, but... I'm skeptical about "get rich quick" online courses promising results but only ending up with empty pockets and a bad attitude. I don’t want to go through that.

Then don’t. I, too, have bought into such courses, wasted thousands of dollars on false promises, and felt frustrated, angry, and flat out pissed. It's not fun. That's why I created League Of List Builders specifically for creative people to learn how to network and market themselves authentically. There's ZERO BS, ZERO scam, ZERO get rich quick anthems. This course has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you take action on what I teach and it doesn't work for you, you can get your money back. No risk. All fun. This course gives you the structure and strategy to not get rich quick but to grow your client list day by day, month by month, year by year. Networking never stops. Building relationships never stops. And that's what I teach in League Of List Builders.

+ Yeah, but... what differentiates you from all the other coaches out there "selling their secret sauce" to newbies in hopes of making a quick buck?

Great question. There are a lot of people on the internet who aren't successful in the job title they give themselves so they think it's a grand idea to tell other people how to do said job title. They call themselves experts, gurus, and coaches but really they are washed up, worn out, and love to hear themselves talk. I've even studied with a few of these people and can assure you all they are doing is blowing hot air. What differentiates me from them is that I know it's not about me. Rather it's all about you. I want you to win. I have the education, experience, and expertise of over 30 years working in multiple creative careers so I can give you tried and tested structures and strategies that actually work. Because I've created them myself and used them on me first before ever telling anyone else about them. And I've built a business around helping you with those sames structures and stratgies to help you achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality. If you really want to vet me go to to learn more about my 30 year background as a musical theater performer, director, choreographer, voice artist, public speaker, award-winning author, and personal brand strategist. I'm whole-heartedly here to help you.

+ Yeah, but... how does the course actually work? How do I learn from a computer?

Glad you asked! The League Of List Builders online course is set up for you to immediately start learning once you've purchased the course. On the other side of the check out are 3 Intro Videos teaching you how to set yourself up for success, and the Week 1 and Week 2 modules. There you will learn how to craft a killer cover letter email to your dream clients, figure out who your dream clients and (and are not), and learn how to research your dream clients via Google and other social media platforms. These modules, and all other modules of the course, are saved on this website under a password protected firewall. Once you join the course you will create your profile and password and be redirected to the course material. Each day of the course there is a new module. Each day you will receive a reminder email asking you to login and do that day's work. Then after that, you can go about your day feeling good that you've done something for your networking and marketing of your creative business. Then the next day you'll receive another email asking you to login, and so on and so forth. The entire course runs for 6 weeks. There are some fun challenges in the course to keep you motivated to do your work with a grand prize at the end. All in all, the content of the course has been saved on this website for you to consume and implement anywhere in the world. That's how you learn from a computer. Pretty cool, huh!

+ Yeah, but... what if I can't dedicate the entire 6 weeks to the course because I've planned to go on vacation / have an operation / can't plan my way out of a paperbag / suddenly slip on a patch of ice, hit my head, and get amnesia and can't remember my name not to mention how to log back in to the course?

I totally get it. Life happens. The amazing this about League Of List Builders is that you have LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. That means if you can't dedicate all 6 weeks to the run of the course, you will still have the exact same access to the course material FOREVER. So you could literally go on vacation, AND have an operation, AND still not be able to plan your way out of a paperbag, AND ALSO suddenly slip on a patch of ice, hit your head, and get amnesia and can't remember your name not to mention how to log back in to the course AND STILL after all of that dive into the course material as if it were day one. That's what LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP means. You're a part of the League Of List Builders for life.

+ Yeah, but... I'm horrible at staying focused, keeping myself motivated, and getting things done on my own. I don't think this will work for my ADHD-ness.

Stop right there! I've got you covered. Here are 3 things to battle what's ailing you. 1. The League Of List Builders Facebook Group: everyone in the course from all over the world is there cheering each other on when someone has a win, but also helps them up when someone falls. The support in this group is palpable. There truly is nothing like it. 2. Your accountability partner: It is mandatory to have an accountability partner that is also participating in the course. You can find your accountability partner via our Facebook Group to keep each other on top of things. 3. Me: I'm your biggest cheerleader. I sweat motivation. My spirit animal is a unicorn. I made this course for you to win. And I will do everything in my power to get you there. You got this. I promise.

I’m considering LOLB but gotta be honest…I’m totally wary of this whole thing. Though I know that as an actor & VO artist, I’m a small business owner, I don’t want to be one. I can’t even properly express how much I dislike marketing, how uncomfortable networking makes me and how little desire I have for sales. So part of me thinks LOLB is exactly what I need while another part of me dreads it more than getting a colonoscopy! Am I terrible fit for this or perhaps an ideal challenge?

OK let's talk about "marketing" and "networking". Horrible right? It's gross, it's in your face, it's slimey. Well at least that's what I thought. So that's how I "marketed" and "networked" myself in NYC in the late 90s. And it got me nowhere. I was bitter. I was frustrated. And I was soooooo broke. Something had to give. Then a friend of mine in NYC was booking more and more work. So I asked him what his secret was. He said, "I realised something. It's not about me. It's all about them. And since then I've been booking work non-stop." Skeptic, I looked at him and dove deeper. He answered all of my questions and so I had nothing left to lose so I tried it on auditions and it worked. It wasn't "networking" and "marketing". It was just be a decent person and putting the casting director's needs in front of my own. Or put simply, you'd hold the door for someone wouldn't you? That's because you're a decent human being. It's not about you in that moment. You're holding the door for them. It's all about them in that moment. Right? Same thing when it comes to reaching out and sharing your talent with the world. (Notice I didn't say "networking" or "marketing"?) LOLB is my 20 years of trial and error of figuring out what works and what doesn't when it comes to building relationships with clients. It's not snake oil. It's holding the door for people. It's being a nice person to the people that can give you work. And in this world, the people that give us creatives work get dirt flung in their faces by most creatives due to ego trips and diva fits. But just by us treating them nicely, knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to, they give us work because we are talented AND we are good people. No one likes being around a jerk. LOLB teaches creatives how to build your client list authentically without the diva fits and the Facebook rants. And what I'm feeling from you is that you despise "networking" and "marketing" and are looking for a new way to organically make real connections with clients and book good work that not only fills your bank account but fills your soul. And that's what LOLB does. There's a difference between being a "small business owner in a three piece suit" and being a creative person who loves to build relationships. LOLB teaches the latter. Oh and I don't even own a three piece suit and I've been full time freelance for over 20 years haahaha!

Q. I have zero clients.

A. You are in an awesome position! Using League of List Builders to reach out to a big company like Pixar may be a bit too soon, but you can totally rock your local and regional market. Focus during weeks 3, 4, and 5 on that. Think outside the box. Think locally, e.g, hairdresser. Think in a local market, think of your friends - what do they do? Do they work in the service industry? Do they have a Mom and Pop store? Is there a way you can do their voicemail? Could you offer to do the audio for a children's book? The big companies is not the only way to get work. There is a slew of work out there and you can find it locally.


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