Hey LOLB Alum, 

Thank you so much for taking the plunge into a whole new way of sharing your talent with the world. It means so much that you invested your precious time, energy, and money into LOLB to upgrade your creative freelance business. You now have the tools to continue to market yourself even now after the course has come to an end. 

FYI: you will always have access to the course whenever you want. Just login like always and you're good to go. That's the luxury of having Lifetime Membership. That said, there's nothing like working together in a group setting every time I do the course. So I'll be in touch before the next round starts to check in with you. 

In the meantime, can I ask you a favor? Could you spend 5 more minutes with me? I'd be honored to hear your thoughts on how LOLB was for you this time round. Below are a few questions. Feel free to answer them however you please. The more detailed your answers are the better it will help me continue to make LOLB what it is: an amazing course built on the phenomenal support network of its members. 

Thanks in advance!

In gratitude,