1. Check your inbox. In 5-10 minutes you should have an email from me with all the important details about the LOLB MASTERMIND. Please allow a few more minutes to pass for it to get to you: If you haven’t received the email after a good 10 minutes, please check your spam folder first. And if it’s not there please email me. 

  2. The email address to use to get in touch with me and my team is Please email me ONLY if you have any technical snafus or questions about the LOLB MASTERMIND that I haven’t answered yet.

  3. What to bring?! Please come to the mastermind with a laptop or tablet that you can write with. Pen and paper is also ok but I don’t know about you, but I type faster than I scribble and those scribbles in a notebook are exactly that…. scribbles that I will never know what I was notating in that moment. So bring along your laptop or tablet to do your writing in. Also bring with your LOLB master spreadsheet from week 1 and the DCA spreadsheet from week 2. Yes you can log in to the course at the mastermind and download the blank spreadsheets from there but that won’t help you in a pinch, now will it? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So bring along your already filled out spreadsheets so you have content to work from during the mastermind. 

  4. Workshop Location. The workshop location of the LOLB MASTERMIND is in the email that you should be getting shortly. Please arrive to the workshop location on time or earlier. The times of the workshop are also in the email. We will start promptly as we have a lot of material to cover. Parking information is also in the email.

  5. Travel and Lodging expenses. If you are travelling to and from the workshop and / or staying with a friend or at a hotel, those costs are not part of the LOLB MASTERMIND. Those costs must be paid by you. 

  6. Dinner and drinks. After the LOLB MASTERMIND we will go out for dinner and drinks. Those costs are not part of the LOLB MASTERMIND. Those costs must be paid by you. The location of where we will have dinner and drinks is also in the email that you will be getting shortly. 

    And thats it!
    Once again welcome to the LOLB MASTERMIND.
    Thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you face to face. 

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