WORD OF WARNING: In this video I’m using the LOLB Master Spreadsheet which has the Cover Letter Formula spreadsheet inside it. This is counterproductive. Instead of you clicking back and forth like Ia m in this video, I’ve made it even easier for you to fill in your Cover Letter Formula spreadsheet by taking it OUT OF the LOLB Master Spreadsheet and uploading it to the button below for you to download. No more clicking back and forth. You can have your LOLB Master Spreadsheet open AND your Cover Letter Formula Spreadsheet open and work from there. No need to feel confused. You’ve got this.


DOwnload the cover letter formula spreadsheet below

Open your LOLB master spreadsheet that you worked on in week 1

GO sentence by sentence in your cover letter formula spreadsheet and enter the information in from the LOLB master spreadsheet 

Make it work for you

Read it out loud to yourself

 Change it to make it sound Like you 

Write it out again but now in a word or pages document

Title it as your dream client avatar cover letter first draft

Save it and send it to your accountability partner for edits

When you get your accountability partners first draft, duplicate it

Then on the duplicated cover letter, give constructive criticism to YOUR accountably partner on THEIR cover letter. Save your edits on THEIR cover letter and send it back to theM

Tomorrow you will work through the edits of your cover letter that your accountability partner sent back to you

Do not share your cover letter yet in the facebook group

Do not email me your cover letter yet