finish this week in style with the research and prep strategy in the big fish, little pond market or the medium fish, medium pond market

you have until this sunday at 11:59pm to get in as much nNT as possible. you are allowed to use the weekend to get in those last hours, minutes, and seconds to better your chance of winning the week 4 challenge prize. 

and here’s the thing that happens during weeks 4 and 5. people start to flake out and drop off. so that means even an extra  minute here or there can mean the difference between you winning the prize or missing it by a hair. do NOT be like the people with sprint mentality. you’ve got marathon mentality. you are pushing through to the other side. You are an LOLB rockstar. 

once you’ve completed your NNT for the week here are the rules to post your results in the facebook group. 

When you are done with this week’s NNT take a screenshot of your NNT Tracker and upload it in the Facebook group. 

PLEASE USE THE HASHTAG #week4challenge in your status update so my team can find your post and ALSO please WRITE OUT the total amount of time you completed during week four in the status update as well

So to recap, screenshot your NNT tracker and upload it to the facebook group, in the status update write out the hashtag #week4challenge and ALSO the total amount of time you did your NNT this week in the status update

I’ll announce the winner of the challenge in the beginning of week 5. so keep your eyes peeled.