Q.For people that did answer the email or within the month, we wouldn’t give them the 5 Step Follow Up, since that’s for people that never answer, right? So you give them the hello stranger cover letter? How often should you contact people that actually answered around the days of the Big Give even if all they said was we don’t have anything at this time.

After doing my Big Give and people respond back saying thank you we will be in touch, we don’t have anything immediately. How do we follow up with them?

A. Note that in the spreadsheet when they replied and what was their response, put them on the back burner for now.

For the people that don’t respond back, use the 5 step Follow Up formula religiously. Slowly but surely people are going to be responding back. Month 1 after doing LOLB, send an empathise follow up email…”oh my goodness, I know you must be so busy, that’s probably why you didn't get back in touch. Here’s a copy of my email I sent you a month ago. Would love to have that coffee date with you. The goal is to have that coffee date with them, so you have a face to face and getting to know each other meeting.

Those that have responded positively with saying you are on our roster, keep them as a warm lead. Use the update cover letter from the 5 step Formula to keep the warm leads, warm. Say you have an update and wanted to share it with them. You can use the same cover letter. Just change the Skype bit of the letter, because you have already done that. Send it out once every 2 months. Send trust email 2 months after sending the upgrade email. Send the three emails: Upgrade, trust challenge email.

If people haven't gotten back in touch with you after 2 months, send them the update cover letter for the follow up formula. And you are going to update them with changes you’ve made e.g, updated my website, or here is my featured demo, or my featured portfolio piece. Love to have that coffee date with you.

For those that don’t get back in touch send them, empathize, upgrade, trust (which is after the 3rd Month). Send them an email once a month.

Q.This may be resistance rearing its head, but having delayed sending my Big Give until next week for personal reasons. As I see responses others have posted here, I realized my letters don't have as many references to specific work on their sites (language/terms yes, but not projects, as my niche doesn't always post those). Should I go back, find those nuggets and revise them before I send or trust what I have?

A. Trust what you have. Yes this is resistance. What you can do in the meantime, between now and 5 step follow up formula, is to go back and find those references, find a link or find something that you need and put that into the upgrade email, the empathise email, the trust email, the challenge email. Make the 5 step follow up formula work for you. Use those references in other follow ups and put those references into the template of your cover letter for initial outreach.

Q.What happens when somebody gets in touch and says oh I cast directly through or another P2P site?

A. If you like the P2P site and they want to cast you from there, awesome, here’s my profile. If you don't like the P2P site, you might want to write a blog post or an article and publish it on so that you have something written out…Or it could even be a PDF, which says these are the reasons why I don't go through this P2P sites, that you may not be aware of.