Q.When the guided course is over, does the FB Group stay?

A. Yes the FB Group stays open, you can ask any question that you have. We will always be here because you have lifetime access not just to the course but also the FB Group. That said, when the course is not running, things do die down.

Q.I am so excited to do this Big Give and direct people to my shiny new website. However, I'm starting to feel dread about my creative materials. I am focusing on a niche (eLearning) for which I do not have professional level material (mine is a simple home-made demo). In fact, I took my home-baked stuff off my site because they were just not as great as the others. Do I delay the Big Give until I get a new demo? (I actually don't have plans to get one produced, but I'm thinking I should, and soon.) Advice?

A. This is resistance coming in. You are doubting yourself because your eLearning demo is not up to par as your professionally produced demo. ELearning demos have zero background things. It’s not supposed to be well produced. All they want is a clean audio track where they can hear you giving your instructions to the eLearning course in your own special way. Take the pressure off. Do the Big Give. Gather 2/3 people like a coach or professionals and let them listen to your demo.

Q.I’m feeling resistance about doing my Big Give…My creative materials are not good enough.

A. STOP! You have creative materials. You are going to send them out for your Big Give. And you are going to use the Follow Up Formula which I teach after the course, (once a month you will get an email reminder from me). But I do teach, after you do your Big Give, how to prep for the 5 Step Follow Up Formula and what to send out. 2 months after you do the Big Give, it should be an update upgrade, with something relatively new that you want to share with these new dream clients. That said, if you don’t have a new demo, you can say this is my featured demo of the month, commercial. Don’t worry if you don’t feel 100% ready, just send it out because you are going to be following up with them and following up with new material. The main thing for you to do is lean into the vulnerability, do your Big Give.

Q.How do you feel about contacts wanting to get to know you better as just a resource to find more voiceover talent? I like to help people but I'm extremely uncomfortable referring someone, esp if they might not work out.

A.In the referral outreach cover letter that I teach in week 2, where you’re asking someone for a referral, thats fine. Referrals have to come from the heart. If you do your Big Give and do your 5 Step Follow Up Formula and they don’t get back in touch and then they say, we finally have something, for somebody else, do you happen to know anyone that might fill this spec? I say, thank you so much for getting in touch with me, it’s great to hear back from you. Usually, I don’t do referrals from people I haven’t worked directly with one on one yet because I don’t know how you work. I can’t give you exactly what you’re looking for because I don’t know exactly who you are. But that said, Im going to give you my best…then give them maximum of 3 people that you would recommend…..Then wrap email up with, if you need someone which sounds like me, then I'm more than happy being a resource to you….If that person keeps coming back to you asking for referrals and they’re not booking you, then they are using you. You can say to them, if you plan to use me to in the future to find other voice talent, I highly recommend connecting you to my agent or an agent I can recommend. 2 reasons for doing this: 1. You are coming to me and pigeon-holing me into the role of an agent, but I am actually talent. …You are training that client how to treat you. 2. You’re also dodging that client and giving the business over to your agent or to an agent that you trust in, by doing this you make the agent feel awesome, because you’re giving the agent future work and whenever that annoying client wants to get in touch with you again, you can say actually please go through my agent, remember the one I put you in touch with last time, I highly recommend them. That way you have set up a boundary of your agency.

Q.How do I know if my creative materials are ready or not to do my Big Give?

A.Nothing wrong with little bit of comparison/constructive criticism that you give yourself. Research that niche of samples of work and what it should sound like and listen as a client. Listen for specific things, get a general scope and then listen back to your own demo…as a client that might book you. Ask yourself if the demo would be booked by the client role I'm playing right now. If yes, thats great. If it needs tweaking, tweak it. If you think its absolute crap, then sit yourself down and work on a good demo.

When you do the upgrade update on the 2nd step of the 5 Step Follow Up Formula, 2 months after doing your Big Give, you’re gonna have some time to create a new piece of content to share with your dream clients.

Q. So, someone sent me a connection request on Linked-In recently who happens to be the owner / founder of a nearly 20-year-old mobile app and training development company. So I beefed up my profile (finally) and sent this note.

Would you be willing to give me some feedback on this note and my profile?

Hi Stephen! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Thanks for reaching out to me to connect here on Linked-In. I visited your website and really like the colors. Really makes the site pop. I also love the tags under the About Us photos - "Yes, we are the magic makers," and especially "You're welcome!" Good stuff! As a veteran voice talent, I have become quite fond of working with E-learning clients, and would love the opportunity to be part of the magic at **. My website is and my email is Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you. I'm happy to help. Cheers! Elle Boone

A. When you’re reaching out to somebody via LinkedIn, you don’t want to copy and paste the entire cover letter into LinkedIn, you want to get that first paragraph and get the conversation going and then see where it takes you. Use the 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraph as a guidepost that you can copy and paste from, or I'm going to do a watered down version of this to continue the conversation so it feels natural.

Same if you are on FB, don’t copy and paste the entire thing, you want to keep it light and airy.

Twitter only has 140 characters or you can direct message someone, so it’s gonna be really quick, so you’re going to want to do micro content versions of the first paragraph of your cover letter, until you say would you mind if I direct message you. Short, quick and to the point, show them how you can be a resource to them, makes them want more.

Q.Week 2 question. I would like to get into corporate video and assume that a production house would be a good target for a client. Since corporate videos are used internally, so I wouldn't have seen the production houses work, what’s a good intro if I don't have a referral?

A. When researching production houses in week 3, you’ll find pieces of their portfolio on their website, that you can use as compliment material.

Q.Why do you only do the guided LOLB once a year? Any chance you'll be doing it again sooner? Thanks!

A. The reason why I do LOLB once a year because of what happens in the back office, it takes 6 months to prep the launch of LOLB. Each year the course gets bigger, we get more people, we get more affiliates/alums. The course needs to internally be changed. We upgrade the course each time we do it. We upgrade the marketing materials each time we do it. We have to plan 6 months in advance just to make LOLB happen.

Q.So, I've got most of my emails in my draft folder. But I keep going back and adjusting them as I change my mind about what I want to write! Is this a normal part of this process?

A. Yes, totally. Stop second guessing yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be present! SEND IT OUT!! When you get responses back, you can tweak at that point.

Q.I made the lists and filled them all out, and now i'm going and putting it all into email form. Should I have done this one at a time, like research the client, write them in the list, then do their email, then move on to another one?

A. Make it work for you! Don’t send the emails out until the 6th Monday of the course.

Q. For anyone who hasn't connected yet but is part of my Big Give, is it ok to reference in my cover letter "You and I have a connection with so and so via LinkedIn"? As a way to make a connection?

A. Make sure the first connection is real and then build up your contacts from there. If you approach a random person on LinkedIn through another random person, just say you found them on LinkedIn. Done!

Q. Is female voice talent sufficient or not catchy enough?

A. You don’t want to be catchy! In your subject line, that is the first time they see your first and last name for your email and then female voice talent submission…they pigeon hole you…Don’t add anything crazy and wacky. People’s inboxes are inundated, you want to make it as clear as possible.

Q. But my email is not first & last name...should I change it?

A. Yes, it should be your first and last name.