Q.I know a lot of people are getting faster as they progress through the Research and Prep but I seem to be staying in one spot, not moving forward. Anything I can do to quicken things up? Also it's hard to find something good on their website for the first paragraph so I'm searching longer which eats up time. What to do?

A. This is normal. You want to go faster but the websites you are looking at are not giving you what you want immediately and you are seraching for the best of the best before finalising the Research and Prep for that contact and moving on. But yes this eats at your time. Here's what to do. If you're having difficulty finding something that speaks to you, then maybe there is something on the website that you can compliment them on that is quick and easy - like the colors of the website, the font of their copy, or that their office is located right around the corner from your fav restaurant. There is alwas something to find to compliment them on in the first paragraph. It may be a stretch to find it and the first paragraph may be shorter than normal but there is always something to find. That is one way to speed up the Research and Prep strategy.

Q.If a company has both an info@ email and a specific info for creative submissions (but no personal emails), which do I choose?

A. info@ or use the cold call script to find out who the specific person is to reach out to. The cold call script is in week 3 I believe.

Q.I am a bit concerned about my cover letter for week 4: What is the difference between a local production studio cover letter and a regional production company cover letter? They both have creative directors, but the only difference I can think of is making it "shorter" for regional because they have less time and already kinda know?

A. What do you call a problem that really isn’t there? Overthinking. Stop over thinking it. Use the same cover letter as long as it’s the same DCA. Make it a bit shorter if you like but only if it feels right. You’re doing everything right. Just keep going.

Q.This may be a silly question brought about by an overthinking mind but...if I am using exactly the same wording in the second paragraph of my letter and send it to a number of ad agency people all in the same town, won't they find out that I sent the same basic letter? I have this fear based vision of them comparing notes, laughing about my ridiculousness and telling all their buddies to blacklist me!

A. If they were in the same company - it might happen. But I suspect highly unlikely in the same town or city. Even if they did all hang out together (which would be a hell of a party!) I bet they don’t talk about the emails they got that day! Lovely idea though!

Q.I know it's encouraged to contact our connections on Linkedin, but there are some I've been connected to for quite a while (even years) but never once emailed or messaged them. I didn't have League of List Builders back then. I was looking at the templates and wondering how best to introduce myself. Such as, "Dear Jim Harwick, How are? We've been connected on Linkedin for quite a while and I wanted to first say thank you being a connection." and then from there use the rest of a cover letter demographic. Would this work?

A. Imposter Syndrome
Somebody has to fill the role…It might as well be you! Cliff Ravencraft, did a talk at a conference about imposter syndrome, and he said nobody can take away your past, or your story or what brought you from the day you was born up until this very moment. This very moment is where I am right now. You are ready for the new clients. Trust yourself and push your boundaries. As time goes on,the imposter syndrome will melt away.

Q.Is there a number we should try and hit for the Big Give?

A. No. We use to have that in the old version of LOLB, however some people were going over it or falling way behind the number. You shouldn’t compare yourself to how many contacts you should reach out to. Weeks 3, 4 and 5 the focus should be on how much time you invest. The more time you invest is all that really matters. That is more important than the number of contacts you reach out to. Week 5 challenge is there to push you to your limit and give everything you got so you can do your Big Give.

Q.If you have tips for email subjects for referrals and eventually our Big Give emails?

A. The subject line for the referral, e.g, if it's a referral from John Smith: John Smith referral. Female talent submission. Or, Female talent submission. John Smith referral. Another example: if reaching out to somebody who has a video about Polar Bears on their website, then you can put something like: Polar Bear fan + male voice talent submission.

Q.Is this the Freshbooks Time Tracker you're asking us to use for the challenge?

A. No. I want you to create a free 30 day trial account with freshbooks. Literally track your time. It has a time tracker in the program. You can track your NNT for the week. This is the only tracker that really works well.