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Q.When we do our Big Give on the 6th Monday of the course, won’t there be clients that get inundated with cover letters that we’ve written?

A. Alums say no. You might be in the same area, same 100 mile radius, doing your Big Give on the same day, you are going to be sending your cover letters to clients all over the world, so there is no need to worry about Dream Clients getting multiple cover letters on the same day.

If by chance it does happen, the client will not care because they will be so taken by your individual cover letters. They may notice a little bit of a similarity but as your cover letters are written so authentically, where it is all about them and not about you, it won’t matter.

Q.In research, I really only have one major and one medium-sized metro areas within a 200mi area. I'm thinking about not only researching my area but also the nearest really major-sized metro area. Thoughts?

A. Yes. Or go to JT contact lists and buy the lists that have already been prepped for you guys. Make it work for you. Exhaust your immediate area…e.g, Baton Rouge. In a smaller city, you can capitalise on being a big fish in a small pond. Once that’s exhausted move onto the next major size area, and once that’s exhausted then onto a super size area.

Q.Do any other Voice Actors feel weird about asking for referrals from other VO’s, obviously not those in direct competition, but even so it feels weird and has anyone successfully tried it?

A. Sofia Cruz’s response: I definitely don’t think that asking for referrals from other VO talents, one may not know well, is a good idea. If you’ve poured into building relationships with people and attended conferences to know more people, the referrals happen naturally. If you put your best foot forward in the VO community and are clear on what you offer as a talent, people will remember. 2 years ago I decided I wanted people to know I am a fully bilingual Spanish and English talent. So when given the opportunity often through one-on-one’s, I mention that if the need ever arose I would appreciate a referral and would reciprocate when I saw something that they offer. After 2 years I am at a place where I get referrals on almost a weekly basis, mostly because the Spanish market is growing but still thankful for each one. I do understand when it’s another language, it’s easier to get referrals from the same sex versus opposite, yet if you don’t have that, going with the opposite sex will yield greater results for you.

JT’s summary: If you’re just starting out in whatever branch your in and only have 3 or 4 contacts asking for referrals, that’s fine. Or you may think wait on referrals and maybe build industry specific relationships with people I find really interesting and 6 months down the line and ask for referrals, also fine. Could also switch to non industry specific people, e.g, an Aunt that works in HR for a company, or people within your friendship and family circle who you can reach out to for a referral….Approach it with lightness and ease.

Q.When tightening your niche, was it a matter of going through all the spreadsheets so far and really picking the people, clients and descriptions you’d like to take forward? I’m considering making a duplicate of a more fuller spreadsheet and then having a trimmed down version on a separate file and maybe refer back to.

A.As always make it work for you. When we wrote out the job titles of different people in the dream client analysis….you have all these different job titles and would have to write to all these different demographics. Instead, stick to 3 demographics and write cover letters for them, exhaust your 100 mile radius and in week 3 you will do a 250 mile radius and week 5 you will be experimenting with wild card week. Think long term, building relationships now so you can prosper in the future.

In week 3 everyone says oh my gosh, there’s so much work, but the work pays off. Yes there’s so much work! Think about your best friend, think about how long it took to say they are my best friend. Took a lot of time….But building relationships with dream clients does take a little time especially for them to figure out where you could slot in. But within that time, you can research more dream clients. So it’s all about building the relationships and building the biggest list over your lifetime as possible. Think the long game, think longterm. And think of the lifetime access you have to this course, so you’re not missing out on anything.

A. Way back when, before the revamp in the beginning of this year, I asked you to pick a number. Gotten rid of that, because there is a challenge this week to see how much time you can invest in your NNT. The first 2 challenges are time based, the last challenge is contact number based. Invest time into researching your clients. If you are investing the time, you are making progress. Trust in the system. There’s a method to my madness!

Q.I have been spending about 15 to 20 minutes per contact is that too much?

A. No, it’s not too much. First week of doing research and 5 step system. In the beginning it is slow, but it slowly picks up pace. Its called the plus 1 theory. Example, swimming laps at the pool, whole summer I spent swimming. I’ve been testing myself. First week I did 5 laps without stopping….That’s my edge, next week’s goals was 6 laps without stopping, week after do 7 laps without stopping. Plus 1 theory is you set something in stone and then add 1 to it. And each time you go back to it, you add 1. Continually improving is the key.

Q.Week 2 question. I would like to get into corporate video and assume that a production house would be a good target for a client. Since corporate videos are used internally, so I wouldn't have seen the production houses work, what’s a good intro if I don't have a referral?

A. When researching production houses in week 3, you’ll find pieces of their portfolio on their website, that you can use as compliment material.

Q.If while researching, you are finding things within your 250 mile radius or beyond radius, can you still log them in and keep them too?

A. Yes! If you are doing your 100mile radius and you find people in your 250 mile radius, log them into your spreadsheet and get to them next week.

Q.If I can’t find a direct email to the person I want to get to, is it ok to put FTAO and their name in the subject? (For the attention of :-))

A. Yes. with info@ email address Create the cover letter, put in spreadsheet contact form and on day of big give, copy and paste that cover letter and put into contact form. Can ring for contact details for people, cold call a couple of days before you do your big give.

Q.When it comes to voiceover and you’re looking at a video production place, who is the person to contact? Like production manager, creative director, CEO? If they have all three, who is the best?

A. If it’s vid production house, go onto website, CEO is busiest, so don't email them, don't email the intern. Maybe creative director or the secretary or admin assistant. That person will put the email in the right hands.

Q.So often in my niche, no-one in the big corporation’s know who I’m trying to find.

A. Dig a little bit more. Maybe call ahead and contact the admin assistant or receptionist first and through them find the right person who to reach out to. Sound engineer or Creative Director are the ones to contact and reach out to.