Q. DAY 8: I fell off the apple cart with follow ups should I stop erratically following up and wait for the Big Give from this point on, I need to get back on an organised track.

A. Wait on the follow ups. Do your Big GIve first. Then in the second half of week 6 you will prep your follow ups for 5 months in advance. Do it all then.

Q. DAY 8: I’ve been using your system to connect with potential clients for a few months now and with some success. Is it ok to keep doing what I’m doing whilst also taking the LOLB stuff?

A. Follow the LOLB system from beginning to end. Adding in things that are not LOLB related, like things from my other modules in other courses will only make your workload heavier. Stick to teh LOLB structure and strategy. There will be times when you will notices that you can add in some things INTO the structure and strategy of LOLB and that'S ok. But don'T do the LOLB structure and strategy AND ALSO other structures and strategies from other courses of mine. You'll go crazy and not have the focus to do a successful Big GIve on the 6th MOnday of the course.

Stop sending out with your old way of working and focus 100% on the systems and strategy I’m showing you here in LOLB. After the course you can go back to the old way you were doing things if you like.

Q. DAY 8: How do I approach contacts that I have reached out to two or three times with no response? Or will this be covered in the course later? And is there a number of touches resulting in crickets to remove names from my list?

A. USe the Hello Stranger email that you will get in week 2. Then once you send that out during your Big Give, use the 5 step follow up formula on them.

Q. DAY 15: I noticed when I contacted an ad agency they all had list of a clients on their site.

A. Ad Agencies are influencers and a direct client that has those accounts and big name clients underneath them. For you to book those big clients, you need to go through the ad agencies that represnet those big clients.

Q. DAY 15: How did you discover which agencies Red Bull used?

A. I gave that in the entire spiel of reverse engineering. Ad Agency’s sometimes list their big name clients. Also look on LinkedIn, then you can see the connections of who they are. Research is key. ANd that is what you will do in weeks 3, 4, and 5.

Q.As anyone else struggling with asking for referrals? Crafting the letters but my finger hesitates to press send. My insecurities about being new are taking over and I don’t have a lot of contacts in the VO industry though I know this will help gain more.

A. Everyone had a first day. Everyone. so I’d suggest looking outside your industry first and even doubling up on that. Your hairdresser, your mechanic, anyone else outside of your specific creative industry you can ask for a referral? That’s a great jumping off point.

A. You have sooooo much going for you. Yes resistance is present. But you have to focus on what you bring to the table and you bring a ton to the table. I just finished watching a documentary about Donatella Versace premiering a new fashion collection. Her imposter syndrome was huge. So seriously girlfriend if Donatella is feeling it and you’re feeling it then there’s nothing to be worried about. Just get up, brush yourself off, and keep on going. I promise on the other side of your Big Give is a multitude of creative ventures. Don’t limit yourself to the abundance that is waiting for you out of fear. You got this. Just keep swimming.

Q.I'm a bit behind but will be working hard to catch up this weekend, and I'm just starting to put my first cover letter together. I'd like to target the very large hospital conglomerate/health system in my county, and not only because of its proximity--1) my professional background is in medicine, 2) I'm a patient of that health system because of my breast cancer treatment over the past year, and 3) my husband is an employee. Emphasizing my medical background is a no-brainer, while my gut says to leave my husband out of the picture. But my cancer treatment...I received terrific care there, but is that too much information for a cover letter? Any other thoughts?

A. Thanks for leaning into the vulnerability and asking. Yes you’re pro background should def be in your cover letter especially since you are reaching out to hospital/health care in your area. (Genius idea and my brain is sparking from how awesome this idea is)

Keeping your husband out of the cover letter is smart. It’s your cover letter. Not his.

As a patient of the health care system your positioning is tremendous. You know both sides very well. However for an initial introduction it may be too soon. First cover letters are light and breezy to show that you’re a good fit for them. Also it could be misinterpreted.

This is what i’d do if I were in your shoes: After the working relationship is established and the timing is right and there is ample time to divulge that part of you and allow the listener to take it in……that’s when its a good time.

This does a multitude of things: shows that you respect them and how they can deal with this news. Shows that you understand a working relationship needs time to grow. Makes them feel honoured to know this part of you. And the big reveal - that you know both sides of the story.

Q.Big question on the 'Hello Stranger' letter. This is meant to address former clients or people you've worked with. What about all the people I've contacted, maybe multiple times and gotten no response at all?

This letter doesn’t seem to be appropriate for that LARGE group. Is there another letter that covers that? Or how should I handle that extremely common situation?

A. For the ones who haven't been in touch with you at all then use the five steps follow up formula. You can find it in the free bonuses. Since you’re an alum who is making it work for him I’d say you can dive into it now.

Q.Is there a reason that the emails use first name AND last name? The only emails I get with my last name are either computer generated (like from my bank) or spam, and they don't come across to me as being written by a real person.

A. Now this is just me but I prefer to write their first name and last name in the first email only out of respect. It could be that I’ve been in Germany for far too long where you regard new people you meet in the formal then switch to the casual… it could be that. But as I always say make it work for you.

Q.Help! What size do I use in Canva for the e-sig?

A. Try 5000 x 2000 px. You can downsize it later.