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Q.I must be missing something. I feel like I’m not doing the magic words generator correctly. For job titles i’m using terminology I come across that all mean voice actor e.g, narrator, story teller, announcer, spokesperson, but it looks like people are listing different niches of voiceover, ivr, e-learning, explain a video, so since Im not quite understanding the first one, I’m worried Im not doing the others correctly either.

A. For the dream client analysis you are looking for the dream clients.. Here we are looking for the magic words generator and the magic words or job titles of your clients. Not who you are.

Q.Suppose we would love to do a cartoon for Pixar, in this example should the dream client be Pixar itself, the director, the casting company or the talent agent?

A. The bigger the brand or company, the more difficult it will be to get in. So you have to reverse engineer it, as in work backwards! For example, one of my biggest voiceover clients is Red Bull. They are based in Salzburg, Austria. When I made contact with them I checked out via LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, who the creative directors in Salzburg Austria were. And then looked at the ad agencies that work with Red Bull. I found the bigger ad agencies were hiring smaller voiceover agencies, then ad agencies, then creative directors……So in a nutshell, you need to cast a wide net if you want to work for a company as big as Pixar. Note, the bigger the company the more time it will take to get things flowing, to get the audition, to ultimately get your foot in the door!

Q.When looking for job titles, are we looking for the titles of the person we think would be the end decision maker for hiring or can we also contact people who may have influence but not necessarily be the final decision maker, for example, a PR Agency or Marketing Director for a larger firm.

A. Figure out first who you would be directly hired by or the person(s) in charge of making the decision to hire and reach out to them. Keep in mind, if there is a job title that could be an influencer, that doesn't hurt to as well.

Q.My goal from the start has been to remain free to work anywhere in the world I wanted, I am not interested in looking under rocks in my current hometown for Voiceover jobs. How do you recommend, I choose geographically specific assignments?

A. Start off with 100km radius and see what is available. If you have capped there, or are not feeling that or there is nothing, increase your search to 250km radius, if you still want to go bigger then move onto a larger scale. Don’t try to do everything all at once, because then you will end up doing nothing. If you are just starting out stick to the rules and regulations of what the course is offering, so you can understand the format. Then the next time round we do it, play around with it a little bit.

Q.Job titles. I was a tad confused about it and not sure how specific we should be about job titles. Should they only be the end user or final decision maker or can we also pull titles that my not be the end user but maybe great contacts for long term connections?

A. Make it work for you. If you have a list of direct people who already give you gigs and you feel that the list feels pretty good, you might want to reach out to more influencers or do 50/50 split. List building never stops, there is a plethora of different people you can reach out to.

Q.I’m an established commercial, Voiceover audio book Narrator but I’m new to e-Learning and I want to use this for that. I’m afraid that I wont have enough knowledge of the industry to ask the right questions for the worksheet. Will I still get what I need from this?

A. Commercials are super short and minimal and audio books are super long. E-Learning is somewhere in between. Terminology is the same thing and just a different format. Ask a question in the group if there is different terminology between E-Learning and commercial and audiobook. It’s pretty much the same. Especially in the initial outreach, it doesn't have to be that specific.

Q.I’ve been using your system to connect with potential clients for a few months now and with some success. Is it ok to keep doing what I’m doing whilst also taking the LOLB stuff?

A. No. If you have already been reaching out and it is working BUT there is not that much of a system behind it, if you keep reaching out now and follow the system as well, you’re going to be split. And by the end of the six weeks, there are 3 challenges set up into the course and the last challenge is huge and the prize is worth over $4000. When I unlock weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the course, you will see what I’m talking about.

Stop sending out with your old way of working and focus 100% on the systems and strategy I’m showing you. After the course you can go back to the old way you were doing things if you like.

Q.I noticed when I contacted Gulman Ad Agency they all had list of a clients on their site.

A. Ad Agencies are influencers and a direct client that has those accounts and big name clients underneath them.

Q.How did you discover which agencies Red Bull used?

A. I gave that in the entire spiel of reverse engineering. Ad Agency’s sometimes list their big name clients. Also look on LinkedIn, then you can see the connections of who they are. Research is key!

Q.What if I already know the CCO of a company, that’s looking for a voiceover for the company. You get called by the advertising studio but you want the one who influences the decision.

A. If you already know the person, then use one of your cover letters to reach out to him directly. In week 2 in the LOLB master spreadsheet there is a cover letter called “Hello Again”… Use that cover letter to reach out to him. If there is a casting call coming up, send it out to him, once you write that cover letter, so you’re not doing it for the big give as its time sensitive.

Q.I struggled with Day 2 work in our industry when I look up how to become a voiceover actor and all those questions. I kept getting influent coaching, not things I would use for marketing. Any suggestions?

A. Week one is about content creation and getting the vagueness and putting ideas together because in week two, we will pluck from that and add into our cover letters and marketing. Word clouds, screenshots of your daily work, what are some titles of how to find work as a voiceover actor…These are all ways of leaning into the vulnerability and sharing with the group your word cloud, what your working on, your content creation, to get to know who you are.

Google page of how to become a voice actor is reverse psychology. Pages 3 and 4 give you different aspects. The first couple of days will be vague, that doesn't really match or doesn't really feel like. First few days for you to get a feel of who you are and share that feel of who you are with the group. There’s no wrong answer.

Some of these questions and fill in the blanks have nothing to do with your marketing but are a way for you to figure out who you are and why you do what you do.

Q.Got a Casting Call from an Advertising Agency for a client they have and is really a dream client for me, actually I have the phone number and Email of the CCO of that company but haven't contacted him in a long time. How to approach the CCO again and “influence” the choice?

A. If it’s a casting call and it’s time sensitive, you can’t wait till week 6 of the course to do your big give. Gently reach out via Email. If it’s not time sensitive then wait for week 6 and your Big Give.

Q. I fell off the apple cart with follow ups should I stop erratically following up and wait for the big gear from this point on, I need to get back on an organised track.

A. Wait on the follow ups. Integrated into the course, every month after you do your big give, you will get an Email from me reminding you “time to do your follow up and here’s what you have to do.” So hold off on the follow ups and continue with them once the system is running.

Q. I have zero clients.

A. You are in an awesome position! Using League of List Builders to reach out to a big company like Pixar may be a bit too soon, but you can totally rock your 100 mile radius. Focus during weeks 3 and 4 and possibly week 5 on your 100 mile radius. Think outside the box. Think locally, e.g, hairdresser. Think in a local market, think of your friends what do they do? Do they work in the service industry? Do they have a Mom and Pop store? Is there a way you can do their voicemail? Could you offer to do the audio for a children's book? The big companies is not the only way to get work. There is a slew of work out there and you can find it locally.

Q. Can I do the LOLB at my own pace? The website will always have the course to do? Correct?

A. Yes! You have lifetime access to the course. Whenever you want to do it, you can do it. I just guide you through it through the 6 weeks.

Q. You mentioned a slew of work underneath Red Bull, Pixar, but the spreadsheet doesn't talk about those, the spreadsheet says dream job. I’m fine with the slew but I get confused with the directions. Do you want us to focus on dream or slew?

A. Sound Engineer has the same title for your dream and local client. It is the name of the client that differs. Keep your dream client in mind, however when starting out focus 50% of your energy on your dream client and 50% into the local market. Weeks 3, 4, and 5 we will gradually build our work radius. Trust in the system!

Q. So we should climb the ladder to the top rather than zip line to the top?

A. A steady climb never hurt. The more you take a steady climb and use the system Im offering to you, the better for you.

Q. Will there be a LinkedIn segment this round?

A. In the free bonuses there is a free LinkedIn 101 free bonus. so for Alums, if you want to use LinkedIn instead of Google this time round, watch the LinkedIn 101 module in the free bonus section and use that strategy for weeks 3, 4 and 5. Or Twitter strategy for weeks 3,4 and 5 if you’re more of a tweeter!

Q. Still struggling with getting in their heads part of the dream client analysis, being a relatively new Voiceover Actor I don't know much about medical producers jobs industry to know what their struggling with now or in the future. Can you point me in the right direction to research that i.e, are there industry forms for these industries?

A. Stop! Busy people don't have time. Change busy people to medical video producers don't have time. Busy people want things to run smoothly. Ask yourself, what are the different ways you can get into their heads? Even if it’s vague like they don’t have any time or wan things to run smoothly. Start form there.

Q. How do I approach contacts that I have reached out to two or three times with no response? Or will this be covered in the course later? And is there a number of touches resulting in crickets to remove names from my list?

A. 5 step follow up formula, starts on the month after LOLB finishes and it goes on till the end of February. You will receive an email every single month. So it will be covered.

Q. Should I be focussing on one niche in the voiceover industry? Or should I be looking at multiple niches? Or just focus on eLearning version?

A. Whatever you want to focus on. If you find a niche that you feel you would like to explore a bit more, then go for it.

+ Other Tips from the Group

+ Before I had Agents, 90% of my work was through LinkedIn. Just reaching out to those I wanted to be a resource for and started developing a relationship. Another way of getting passive networking in your inbox each week is to manage or create a group pertinent to your business, something people will want to discuss and post under topics for. People asking to join the group can be welcomed by you and you can develop a relationship. Don't create a group of just other voice actors rather focus on in your area being the voice ambassador for local companies.

Initially got more in roads by managing/taking over two groups for a director. Basic searches for the titles of people I was looking to connect with still got me fairly far. But managing the groups….That allowed me to message new members instead of needing to inmail them. I manage Entertainment Media Producers and Professionals and Kids TV People currently.