Hi there,

My name is ___________ and I’m looking fora . virtual assistant to help me with my business. This is not a full time position. This will start off as a part time position. I’m looking for someone who would like to do around 10 hours a week over a longer period of time. So this will be regular work. I’d like to try you out on a task and see how you do. The task is below:

Create a spreadsheet 

Title the columns as follows from left to right:  Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Job Title, Telephone, Address, Website, Social Media, Notes, Rating 1-5, Big Give Date, Replied On, Follow Up 1 Date, Follow Up 2 Date, Follow Up 3 Date, Follow UP 4 Date, Follow Up 5 Date, Date of Job Booked

Save the spreadsheet as a template

Duplicate the spreadsheet 

Title the duplicate: Chicago Wedding Planner Research (change the city and demographic to fit your needs)

Go onto google

Google (chicago wedding planner or whatever you want them to research. I’m using chicago wedding planner as an example)

IMPORTANT - other terms to use for a google search along with chicago could be

event planner, wedding, wedding reception, wedding organiser, even organiser

Click on each link

For each link you click on, enter the following pieces of information in the spreadsheet: Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone, Address, Website, and Social Media.

For Company - please write in the company name

For First Name and Last Name - please look for the employee’s full name and enter it here. The employee that I am looking for is the employee that can give me work. So how do you know what job titles might be able to hire me? Look for words in their job title like _______, _______, _______, _______, _______.

Titles that probably cannon hire me include _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______. “President” or “CEO” probably would not be the person hiring me in a large firm, but if there are less than 10 employees, then maybe they would hire me.

If it can not be found, please leave blank

For Email - please enter the email address they have on their website, if it’s a contact form, please copy and paste the url of the contact form. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION I NEED IN THIS RESEARCH TASK. IT WOULD BE GREAT TO HAVE AS MANY EMAIL ADDRESSES AS POSSIBLE.

For Telephone - please enter their telephone number here. If it is not on the website, then leave blank

For Address - please enter their address. If it is not on the website, then leave blank

For Website  please copy and paste the url of the website in here 

For Social Media - please copy and paste all of the social media links in here 

Leave all the other fields in the spreadsheet blank. Those fields are for me. 


You have a maximum of 5 hours to spend on this task. It is your responsibility to fit this into your schedule and get it done on time or sooner. Deadline is Thursday. 

I’m looking for good work with no misspellings, the right links to the right pages, and excellent research ability. This means using google to find what you are looking for but sometimes it’s hard to find that person’s email address. I’m looking for a VA who will work hard to find the email address of every contact they put in the spreadsheet, even if they need to use other forms of research to get it. For example: look into LinkedIn profiles for more company members, use an email finder like Hunter Email Finder, etc.

The majority of work I need done is research. If you do win this job I plan on giving you a maximum of 10 hours per week. This is a great opportunity to start slow and build your way up as I build my business. This is my first attempt at hiring a VA; and if it is as successful as I expect, we may build a long-term relationship. I will be working with several different VAs on this project, and then will hire one VA for on-going work similar to this.

Clear communication is important to me. Please communicate with me on time and clearly. 

When it comes to deadlines I like things delivered to me on time, if not sooner. Please do the work and hand it in on time, or before deadline. 

If this feels like a good fit then I look forward to seeing the work you do for the above mentioned task. Best of luck. 


take action now

Copy and paste the research prewritten task script above and make it work for you

Adapt it to your specific needs

Go onto and create a profile and a job posting

Follow the instructions to audition your VAs 

By the end of the week decide which VA you’d like to hire to help you build systems, build authority, and build freedom in your business. so you can win the time lottery