Print out the last 3 month’s of bank statement for all of your bank accounts

after you’ve printed them out, get out a few coloured markers, pens, or crayons. you will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

download the old water flow workbook

work through the old water flow workbook and your bank statements with the coloured markers

call your bank and make an appointment with them for day 18

download the new water flow workbook

do as much as you can to prepare the big beautiful blue bucket to collect as much water drops as possible

memorize your monthly red number, have that number of water drops automatically deposited from the big beautiful blue bucket into the little red bucket on the 15th of every month to cover costs for the next month

adapt the little red bucket accordingly so you are spending less water drops from the little red bucket as possible

on the first friday of every moth add up the amount of water drops that were collected in the big beautiful blue bucket from the month before

divide that number by .2 in your calculator

manually transfer that amount of water drops from the big beautiful blue bucket to the little orange bucket to save for taxes

and as always if you have any questions please refer to the answer vault and if it’s not there then as in the facebook group or in the Q&A session